Wawel Castle in Krakow

Where to go in Krakow when everything is closed?

If you’re already in Poland and plan to visit Krakow in spite of the Coronavirus situation, here is my advice on where to go when most attractions (museums, salt mine, Auschwitz etc.) are closed.

You should be happy to walk from the Main Station, through Florianska Street, to the Main Square.

The St. Mary’s Basilica should be open.

You can then go see the Collegium Novum building, right next to the Main Square.

Then go back to the Main Square and walk down Grodzka Street which leads directly to the Wawel Castle and Vistula River.

You’ll see a statue of the Wawel’s Dragon, breathing fire.

You can then walk down the river – walk East until you see a bridge which is for pedestrians and bikes only (bypass all car bridges). That bridge is called Bernatka Footbridge. When you see it, go on its level and turn left (don’t cross the bridge) – you will walk right into the Jewish Quarter called Kazimierz.

Walk around, with “Plac Nowy” (“New Square”) being your final destination and a place to get food.

Then, if you still have time, you can go back to the river and walk through the Bernatka bridge, which you were at earlier.

That would lead you toward the old Ghetto’s Heroes Square (“Plac Bohaterów Getta”).

When you’re on the square, you can see the road go upwards toward another bridge – you can cross it and see if the restaurants located inside the ships near the bridge are open.

Then head East along the river. After 300 meters you’ll see a shopping center – “Kazimierz Gallery”, right by the river, on your side. It should be open, if nothing changes.

Then the only thing which comes to my mind is walking further down the river with no special attractions along the way.

Aside from that, you can rent a car and drive 100 km (1,5 hours) to Zakopane city in the Tatra Mountains. The mountains are closed for tourists, but you can drive around them. The border with Slovakia is currently closed.

Morskie Oko lake near Krakow